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That May Come Your Way

Life is filled with unexpected moments. Preparing ahead with supplemental insurance plans from SurePlan Financial, Inc. can help you handle the medical costs and out-of-pocket expenses that may accompany catastrophic health and medical events like, cancer, heart attack, stroke, critical illness, accidents, and more. We have a wide variety of policies from many different major carriers to fit your health needs and financial situation.

Health insurance pays your doctor and hospital, but supplemental insurance pays you! You can use the money how you see fit – for the mortgage, your bills or to cover unexpected medical costs.

When you have supplemental insurance, you can have a source of money that you can use for emergencies, such as when you are diagnosed with a critical illness or have been involved in an accident. You may also obtain a plan that has disability-income protection coverage, in the event that a sickness or injury inhibits your ability to work.

Supplemental insurance plans can be helpful to people from all walks of life. We also offer specialized income protection/disability plans for all people, including custom Income Protection plans for Professional Athletes, Entertainers, and Celebrities.

Our carrier’s supplemental insurance complements your existing health insurance to help provide extra financial protection… and cash when you need it.

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