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SurePlan Financial, Inc. offers Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans directly from highly rated carriers. With the help of our brokerage, you can eliminate the hassle of calling each company on your own. We will meet with you directly in your home or in our office, and present all of your Medicare Options in an educational format…not a hard sell. As well, we do not hurry through our meetings with you. We take the time to ensure that you are comfortable with the plan you select, and most importantly, that you fully understand how to make full use of the plan. Per your request, we will search all Doctor Directories to ensure that your preferred Doctors are in network, and we’ll take the time to research all of your prescriptions, per your request, to ensure that your Rx’s are in the plan’s formulary (the directory of approved prescriptions for each plan).


About Medicare

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for individuals aged 65 or older. Those under 65 may qualify because of a disability or other special situations. This program helps millions of American seniors and people with disability in covering some of their health care costs.

You can get Medicare plans from the federal government or through a Medicare-approved private insurer that may offer them along with additional benefits. The different parts of this program cover specific health care services. We will give you advice and help you strategize to help you decide which plan you should purchase.

Other Insurance Products You May Consider Buying

If you’re turning 65 soon, and or seeking to purchase a Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan…or simply to receive more information on your Medicare options, we are the team to consult with. Contact us today via email, phone, or text message to request a FREE consultation and your FREE “Medicare & You Handbook.”

Some of the carriers we represent: Humana, United Health Care, Aetna, Bright Health, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Choice, University of Arizona Health Plans, GTL, Mutual of Omaha, Unified Life, United American, Heartland Financial, SilverScript

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If you’re seeking to purchase a Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan, we are the team to consult with. Contact us today via this link, or by email, phone, or text messaging to schedule an appointment. You can have your consultation conducted in-home or through remote screen sharing, whichever you prefer. We can also send the quote you requested via text messaging.